Online Futures Trading

Why to do E-Mini futures trading?

Futures are the straight forward choice for aspiring day traders due to various advantages:

There are futures contract that span many market (market indices, commodities, currencies, gold, etc...) so you can achieve wide diversification and can trade online whatever you find most fitting to your circumstances and your account.

Futures are generally liquid and they trade almost 24 hrs a day for 5 days a week so there is always something worth trading no matter your time availability.

Futures offer a large amount of leverage, meaning that you can start with a relatively small account and achieve results that may not be possible when you use stocks or ETFs. But the key warning here is that the large warning can very easily work against the trader if she ends up in the wrong position. Therefore futures trading should definitely be approached very carefully and after extensive practice in a demo account.

There are many brokers that offer a multitude of platforms and the commissions are reasonable, the challenge of the newbie trader is getting to understand the differences and to get to choose what is best for himself.

For US traders we have additional benefits in terms of day-trading regulations and advantageous tax treatment vs. stocks.

How do I start trading futures?

We recommend any day trader that is interested in trading futures to find a suitable mentor or educational program since there are a lot of many details that need to be taken care of.

The simplest way is just to contact us directly and let us know your circumstances. We value our student and want to talk to you and see how we can help you achieve your financial goals. We offer FREE consultations to discuss your situation and you can even talk to Symon himself directly.

There are a few key advantages when joining The Trader Institute (TTI):

 Head trader and founder is a CMT (Chartered Market Technician) with decade long experience in day trading

 We use a unique style of trading that Symon has developed and he is continually improving on

 We use probably the best Risk Management in the industry. Symon has the smallest stops that you can find and he is consistently profitable. This means that is is risking the smallest amount of money for every trade

 TTI and Symon have a strong committeemen to our students, some of his students that joined many years ago still enjoy attending the room because they find it helpful even thought they can trade successfully on their own

 When you join you will become part of a global community of traders that enjoy sharing ideas and trading together

TTI is a leading provider of education in the area of day trading futures, forex, CFDs, ETFs and Options. Our founder and head trader is an accomplished trader decade long experience. Symon has been trading in front of students for many years and he has also devised an educational program that explains how he trades. Furthermore TTI offers day trading education in other instruments (forex, CFDs, ETFs, and Options) and while at the beginning you may not be interested in these in time you may desire to expand your trading toolbox. A premium membership at TTI is all that is needed to secure your trading education.