Jim Hough Testimonial

Greetings fellow traders and students,

My name is Jim Hough and my Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading badge was J-HUF. I mention this because I believe it is relevant to the subject matter I am presenting in this letter. Now I know this may be lengthily but it is important to get ALL the information so I want to quote Kevin Costner, “I make a movie ‘time wise’ as long as dictated by the subject matter, even if it needs to be 3 or 4 hours if necessary” So, here we go…

As I stated I was a member of the CME from 1979 to 1992 and started my trading career in the S&P pit at its inception in 1982. I also traded the interest rate complexes, currencies, with some cattle and hogs as well. I was both a filling broker and traded my own money, known as a local. Now when you trade tens of thousands of dollars on a daily basis with only the wiggle of the hand, shake of the head and or screaming at the top of your lungs you must have total focus, and more importantly, integrity and business ethics. Without that trust you would not be able to execute orders. Simon Jousef, the leader and head trader of Global Trade Room and his team exemplify this attribute. Simon would be welcome with “open arms” in the trading pits because he can be TRUSTED. No one got to trade the pits unless they were vetted and accepted…PERIOD. GTR could rule the “top step” in my heyday.

Now we know that with the penetration of electronic trading into the markets over the past 20 years that we have seen an explosion of indicators, studies, algorithmic programs, trading rooms and guru’s and the like. Are they all created equally? NO…Do they all have some value? YES…Are there some better than others?

YES…and why do I bring this up? Because after being on the pre-computer and now involved with the current computer trading environment I believe that the GTR System and Simon has virtually no peers. Can you make a case for someone to be as good? OF COURSE…better NO! You may ask “how can he make such a bold statement?”

because I have been a technical trader from day one and have taken it as a mission to find what works best TODAY just like I did over 40 years ago.

Market Profile? Proprietary Algos? Mathematical Indicators? Trade Flow Indicators? Long term views?

Short term scalping? SKYPE updates? Transparent Execution of trades? Proven system? Fearless execution? XX

combined years trading experience? Intuition? Yes , GTR has all that and more. They have EDUCATION!!! Do you think I just walked into the S&P pit and started throwing around 25 lots? NO…I worked as a runner, out trade clerk, desk clerk, floor manager, arbitrage facilitator, charting technician, informational market student, among other jobs all well way before I hit the pits. In other words, I learned the system from the bottom up and completely. All that knowledge gave me the confidence to saunter into the pits and make 5, 10 even 50,000 dollars in one day’s trading. It was, is and always will be a never ending educational process. I can say this, Simon Jousef and his team are interested in you, me and all the little guys learning how to trade and be successful, sometimes even at the disadvantage of their own accounts. Just try and educate while you trade… it isn’t easy. Hands on knowledge is their approach, your confidence to execute your own trades is the results. I know I am a student.

You may ask how that is achieved. Positive results are hallmarks of their constant reinforcement of methodology, repetition of trade execution, transparent and ongoing explanations of trades, video archives, daily education and much, much more. Facilitated how? In the GTR trading room during the mornings trading day with Simon Jousef, in the LTR afternoon educational room with Simon, at night with Jay and his Asian session and daily updates and trading results provided. Man, constant open source availability to the GTR team and all of the top traders, so awesome.

Your probably wondering what happened to HUFF as most people know me between 1992 and now.

Well I raised 4 kids, among numerous entrepreneurial endeavors, ran a hedging operation for a Bancorp, taught new stock traders how to ‘read chart formations’ and waited for the right time to re-enter the trading game. That brings us to now and my association with Simon his GTR team. I have been doing my due diligence for about 1 year opened an account in May and fortunately had stumbled on Simon and the GTR system. After taking trials in many trading rooms I knew in one day that Simon and GTR were something special. Here we have a trader actually using his system and executing his trades right on your screen. Additionally, he is teaching you the nuances of the ever so powerful Market Profile in conjunction with ‘power lines’ and trade magnets’ proprietary indicators I never heard of, WOW! Have I gotten your attention yet? I sure hope so because if you really, really want to become a well balanced, well educated and confident full or part time trader and ‘miner of money’ (bit coin reference…lol)

then I know you have reached the vehicle. Look at it this way; considering my background do you really think that I would just join any trading venue available? We know the answer is a resounding NO. So then what is MY reason to be a PAID Member of GTR? Because I am learning how to trade electronically in TODAY’s market.

Yes its true, at 64 I am back at school; Simon Jousef’s school of “earn while you learn “Moreover, the ONE thing that almost all the x pit traders say when they leave the floor and try to trade on the screens is “ I miss the guys, the camaraderie, the feedback; I miss the human touch” . I can assure you that the Global Trade Room family of traders is and has the powerful energy of hearing, seeing and communicating with the fellow traders. Frankly it is “off the charts” kind of like the Market right now (laughing out loud at my clever visual reference).

Like a good college term paper I say, in conclusion, I will reiterate some key thoughts about GTR:

Exemplary business ethics and integrity in all matters…

Unparalleled trading teaching acumen…

Trading methodology that fits today’s computer oriented execution…

Attention to detail and open disclosure…

Specialized trading education with a human touch…

Proprietary indicators to give the students a competitive edge…

Trading methodology and execution to meet ALL types of traders needs…

Financially affordable when proper comparisons to other trading venues…

Dynamic, ever changing format to stay ahead of the markets as they evolve…

So…after the Costner model and 2 pages later when everyone else would have looked to hook you with a one page intro, you get my closing words…


If you got this far thanks for reading my dissertation….

Jimi (HUFF) Hough

Oh yea…email me or call me anytime



Folks we are very sorry to inform you that Jimi Hough past away in May, 2014. That is why his info is blocked out. Out of respect. But he was open to anyone contacting him always. Very down to earth person and a really good trader.

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