MES Capital


Who are we? We’re MES Capital and we’re changing the way traders make money online. No tests. No deposits. No hoops to jump through. If you’ve got the track record and the proof to make serious money trading, we want you on board.

MES Capital Ltd. was founded to give highly skilled traders the opportunity to generate unlimited income potential from anywhere in the world with no restrictions on how, when, or where they trade.

This fully opened, fully-backed system would be 100% risk-free and performance based so there would be no limit on how much you could earn as a result. The more you earn, the more you get to spend – compounding your efforts.

It’s the fair, easy, way to trade like we mean it – the MES way, the only way!


Getting started trading with MES Capital is easy. There are no deposits or hidden fees

There are some companies that fund traders with a cost, not us.


Our trading process is simple: your objective will be to achieve 5-10% target profit on a demo account. That’s it. If you can do it, you’re eligible to receive a funded trading account.

We’ll start you out with a demo account. It will have a starting balance of $25,000 with a max position size of 3. Your daily loss limit is $2,000 and your max drawdown is $5,000. Your profit target will be 5-10% per month with the duration being 1 month (20 trading days). Your goal will be to achieve a net positive PnL greater than $1,000.

You’ll need to ensure that your largest losing day will not hit or exceed the daily loss limit, and that your account balance will not hit or exceed trailing max drawdown. We accept intraday trades only.


Once you’ve proven your skills, we’ll set you up with a funded live account. You’ll start with $25,000-$50,000 with a max position size of 3-5. The timeframe for this account is continuous, and you’ll need to ensure that your largest losing day will not hit or exceed a daily loss limit of $2,000 and the account balance will not hit or exceed $5,000. The total account balance should not hit or fall below $20,000 or $40,000 respectively and here again, only intraday trading is accepted.


Unlike other trading companies, we’re not selling you a high-priced, fluff-filled training course. If you truly know what it takes to be a trader in today’s market, there’s nothing we could teach you anyway that you don’t already know.