Mission Statement & FAQ

Today I want to share with you some of the greatest benefits of becoming a member of The Trader Institute. We frequently have traders who come to us that are struggling with their trading, they are trading randomly and keep blowing and refunding their accounts, we even have some who have lost their desire to trade altogether.

We work with these traders to strip out their old bad habits and introduce them to a fresh way to read and understand the markets movements. Our methodology, which is based on value and volume, is the correct way to read any market and we have been proving this in live trading rooms for over 10 years.

My personal promises to you are:

1. I will help you to understand and see the market's direction in a very clear, simple, and concise manner

2. I will show you how to find easy trades with the absolute smallest risk possible

3. You will learn how to calculate where the true reversal levels are !

4. You will know why price moves in certain areas faster than in others, and how to pick smart stops

5. I will teach you how to pick swing trades, directional trades, and even scalps

We look at Futures, Forex including CFD's and Options because if we can project the direction of a market, then why not benefit from it ?

The bottom line is that this is going to be the last place for you. Our method is what you need to see the market vividly and become a successful trader.

Frequently Asked Questions


1Which instruments can you trade with this methodology?
Our methodology works on all instruments and time frames: Futures, Forex, CFDs, Options, Stocks, and ETFs.
2In the trade call room (US Morning Session), on which instruments are trade calls made?
Simon focuses on making calls on Futures. Zak focuses on making calls on Forex.
3I am interested in having access to the trade calls only. How much is it? How can I access?
Details regarding the trade calls can be found here: http://thetraderinstitute.com/live-trade-calls/
4Are the trade calls taken on a live account or simulated?
As you may know, there has been a lot of propaganda and controversy about various trade rooms, particularly over the last year or so. Recently, there have been many trade rooms that were actually shut down by the CFTC.

If I tell you i trade on my live account, you will ask me for proof, which I won't provide unless the CFTC asks me for it - which they did last year. It was a big and tedious process, and in the end I was cleared, and our room continued to thrive.

Frankly, I did trade my live account in front of students for many years, mainly focusing on Crude Oil. You may even be able to find some of those old videos on Youtube. I may still have some of them archived in my Screencast, I'd have to check. I would trade until I hit $500 on 3 contracts, and then switch to sim. I did this for many years, but I found the members weren't really benefiting from it.

So, we changed our format, started following multiple markets, and focused on looking for big swings. This presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. The members benefit as I'm able to call trades across multiple markets, so there are usually plenty of opportunities each day. . The challenge is that it is impossible for me to teach, moderate, call a trade, type it in the chat box, and execute it all at the same time, and get filled as close to where I want to be filled all the time.

I would rather downplay my live trading than to embellish performance, and stay within the rules and regulations. At the end of the day what matters is that if you can learn to trade the way I do, and, at the same time benefit from the calls being made in the room, then I think we've done our job in terms of education, training, and providing a superior service to what's currently available in the marketplace.
5Do you have a trade copier service?
There's no trade copier service yet. Only subscription services for the trade calls made in the US morning session.
6Do you manage funds?
Simon manages funds only for private clients who are high net-worth individuals (Accredited Investors). If you are an accredited investor, you're welcome to contact Simon about fund management.
7Could you recommend a simple strategy for someone with reasonable patience and a smaller account?
Yes. First, join us and learn the methodology. Next, follow the trade calls on a simulated account. Then, start taking simulated trades using the methodology on your own. Once consistently profitable on a simulated account, open a live account.

In terms of account size, there's no 'one-size-fits-all' recommendation. Generally, if you have a smaller account, say, less than $15,000 USD, you should look at trading Forex and CFDs, as you can usually open accounts with smaller amounts of capital, and, you have more control over your position size.

We suggest opening a professional account, one where the spreads are fixed (so you are only paying the interbank spread) and commissions. We can help you in terms of pointing you in the direction of brokers that offer this service. We are not an IB, so we are impartial in that regard.