Options Trading With Eugen

Learn to Trade Options with Eugen

Eugen Trifan

Options Specialist

Eugen started trading while he was still in graduate school during the days of the dot com boom and bust, and learned a lot of his early trading lessons the hard way during the crash of 2000. He continued trading part time while pursuing a career in engineering and working for leading companies in the area of developing and building faster computer processors. Few years ago he made the switch to being a full time trader for his own account.

Initially Eugen started by swing and day trading stocks but understood the limitations and switched to trading options, futures and forex. With his background in math and statistics he’s looked at many trading system and methodologies and learned that many of these methods that are pitched to new traders do not work for small accounts and cause them to lose their investment. Based on his experience Eugen recommends trading Forex because it can be tailored to provide traders with a smaller accounts an optimal combination of leverage and risk management that other trading instruments lack.

Eugen first learned about ACE by attending one of Simon's presentations: “First time I saw Simon’s showcasing his ACE methodology of trading using volume profile was intrigued by the precise entries and exits with very small stops. Digging deeper I understood the strength of Simon’s volume based method, and decided to learn and implement the methodology for myself. Using ACE has made a significant impact in my trading.”

Eugen Trifan

Email: Eugen@thetraderinstitute.com