Projections 5_15_2106

Weekly Projections

for the week starting:

Sunday, May 15, 2016

CL (Crude Oil) and US-Oil

Has reached a crucial level when it touched $47.03 – notice it’s been stuck between 47 and 44 for the past 2 weeks

On the upside I see $47.73 to be the next touch if the CL decides to show strength next week, and $49.40 to be next

BUT what I see most likely to happen is that CL is coming down to $43.90 area. I am looking also at US-Oil (CFD) in the Spot market and the view is the same

ES (Mini S&P) and SPX

Point of control is 2058-60, BUT 2043 is a do or die line. I personally think it will break it, then suffer at 2036 and if that breaks, then 2020 is next

Same applies to SPX if you are trading it in Spot CFDs

YM (Mini- Dow) and US-30

Point of control is 17620-30 although it looks weak to me. But 17485 has to break as it is the last point of defense. I also see 17430 to give the market a hard time, but if it breaks we shall see 17320 and 17200

NQ (Mini NAZDAQ) and NAZ 100

This is the index that has the point of control ( 4300 ) below the closing price on Friday. If we reach and break it, then we are having a down trend to 4256 and 4240 is next.

On the upside it has touched 4390 which rejected it down, so if we go back to that price we might see a delay in the down trend, and if it goes back up to 4460, that’s going to be the prefect point to catch a long term short

On Friday we exited our EUR short from 1.1400 area to 1.129 area – I traded it in Forex. Eugen called on Options FXE

We are currently shorting the CAD (6C short, USD-CAD long), The stops on 6C short are around 0.7780 ( on USD_CAD long stops are around 1.2800 ) the risk is much less than the projected profits as It might go for 200 to 300 ticks/pips

This is also traded by Eugen in options (XDC short)

We do our analysis daily, since the volume is dynamic, things can change in the short term. We use this in our room for trading the direction of the market.

Recently we added Spot forex, CFD’s, Currency pairs, and also options