Projections 7_10_2016

• Notice - I only count the Futures trades that happen “Live” in front of my students – other calls can yield 100s of ticks/pips but I don’t include them to ensure transparency.

• Members who attend the room, and follow my trades and education are aware of these trades and receive these emails - so I really can’t make things up.

• My trade calls can be taken on a chart trader or plotted on the charts with clear entry price, stops and targets.

Example: Watch Minute 11:00 to 13:00 from the video below (live calls before and after) this is not a recap after the session. I recommend you watch the entire 16 minute video.

My main focus is to teach accuracy in trading.

Weekly Projections

for the week starting:

Sunday, July 10, 2016

CL (Crude Oil) and US-Oil

Last week I said (I looked for 45 to be my lower target) On Thursday we had a short trade from 48.20 level all the way to 45

Now I see this –

Upside - there is a huge reversal point around the 47.50 area, so CL might get up to that price but shorting the CL will also be possible from the 46.80 area if I find confirmations

Downsideside - 43.88, 42.80 (might retrace to 49.60) , and 41.60 are possible this coming week

ES (Mini S&P) and SPX

Last week I said (we have to break below 2085 to start a downtrend) ES went down too fast after breaking 2085 but It is seems like somebody is guaranteeing the markets to go up all the time

Now I see this –

Upside, ES has gone up and is about to touch 2 very important powerlines (our trend reversal indicator) around 2125 and 2145. These 2 lines might bring it back

Downside, NOTE: ES has created a huge interested around 1800 to 1750 area which I will be aiming for in my long term trades using my investment style trading.

YM (Mini- Dow) and US-30

Last week I said (17155 will make me a long term bearish investor in the indices) the YM rallied down below 18000 to below 17000, I did add to my trades as soon as it touched 17155 but only gave first targets on my swings

Again it is seems like somebody is guaranteeing the markets to go up all the time

Now I see this -

Upside, 18230 area can be a reversal

Downside, Just like the ES, I see the YM generating an attraction towards the 15000 area

NQ (Mini NAZDAQ) and NAZ 100

Last week I said (Upside 44523, and Downside, 4400 and 4360), it hit the downside and came back up. Closed for the week near my Upside price projection

Now I see this -

Upside, 4540 to be the price which will give the direction, above it I see NQ to go to 4682 so I will look for longs

Downside, - Below 4540 I will look for shorts, big attraction for the 3900 area ( in my long term view )


Euro from last week I said (I will try to find a swing short and or an options trade on Euro if we stay below 1.111- Final Targets around 1.08)

• Euro I am still aiming for 1.08 area

GBP/JPY in forex Last week I said (Look for a low target of 131.00) and that's exactly what happened.

I have nothing for this week

We do our analysis daily, since the volume is dynamic, things can change in the short term. We use this in our room for trading the direction of the market.

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