Projections 7_24_2016

• NOTE - All calls are made in the live trade room with clear entries, stops, and targets.

• I announce them verbally and I make sure I draw lines on the charts OR take them on my chart trader.

Here are examples

My main focus is to teach accuracy in trading.

Weekly Projections

for the week starting:

Sunday, July 24, 2016

CL (Crude Oil) and US-Oil

Got a few good swings on this including the 60 tick runner on Friday (below)

Upside - would love to see a pull back to 44.70 area so I can find another swing short

Downside - 43.88 was one of my targets since last Sunday, we got that on Friday. Now I see 43.25

ES (Mini S&P) and SPX

I have to wait and see the move, early in this trading week. Indices have been very good to us this month so far. Please refer to our recaps and trade highlights - http://thetraderinstitute.com/recaps/

The price magnet indicator has played a big role - http://www.screencast.com/t/8vuaiG7gY

YM (Mini- Dow) and US-30

Same as the ES, but I see a big attraction to a price below at 18268. If I find an entry short, my final target will be that (18268)

NQ (Mini NAZDAQ) and NAZ 100

I am depending mostly on ETFs and CFDs to find reversals on the NQ and it has been working very good. Remember, the NQ moves the same in all markets. It is the same instrument but sometimes profile is more clear in one market over the other


• Euro I am still aiming for 1.08 area for the past 2 weeks. I will try to grab another short if I see entry from a pull back to the 1.10 area


•Long USD/CAD (6C short from July 14 ) has gone just under 400 ticks, I managed big wins on this – refer to the video below

GBP/JPY in forex – still seeing 131 to hit again – refer to same video from above July 14

We do our analysis daily, since the volume is dynamic, things can change in the short term. We use this in our room for trading the direction of the market.

Recently we added Spot forex, CFD’s, Currency pairs, and also options