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For over 10 years, we've been one of the world's leading trading rooms and trading education providers in a highly competitive industry. As a result of our unique position, sometimes we come across people who aren't clear about what we do. Consequently, when reviews are written, various forms of compliments and criticism are leveled and can confuse people.

The biggest questions you need to ask yourself about reviews are twofold. Do the reviews matter? What is the agenda of the reviewer?

If you attend our trials, or sign up for our trade call service, or become a full member, do you need anyone to tell you what we're about? Of course not. You can make your own positively educated decision about the integrity of TTI and the value of our products and services.

Reviews are very rarely altruistic. So when reading a review, ask yourself, “Why is this review being done?” Usually, reviews are presented, in order to get traffic to the site of the reviewer. One of the best ways a reviewer can generate traffic is to critically attack all the leading websites or businesses in a particular market and/or niche. Then, after the reviewer has positioned themselves as an authority in the industry, they can direct you to subscribe to their newsletter, Youtube channel, or to a website or business in the market niche for which they may or may not have a financial relationship. Is this a fair and balanced review process? No.

If trading is really important to you, then you should really do your own due diligence. At TTI we offer the opportunity to do that due diligence – risk free! Just sign up for a 14 day trial That’s 40 hours of live trading. More than enough to see what we’re about. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Do you buy a car based on a review?

NO! You test drive it

Little tip for you.

Car companies pay critics (professional writers) to write good reviews. They also pay critics (professional writers) to write bad reviews on their opposition (competitors)

What? You don't think reviews can be faked . . .

At TTI, our relationship with our full members and trial participants is paramount as they've put their time, money, and trust into us in order to become a better trader. Our members have the clearest perspective about TTI: they have been in the room, they know how we trade, they've been there when trade calls have been made, and they know the value we provide is unparalleled.

At TTI we're always looking for ways to improve our trading, our products and services, and the value that we provide to our members. Frankly, we care about them, so from time to time, we ask them how we're doing. If positive changes and sincere suggestions are made and they make sense, we do our best to incorporate them in addition to what we already provide. But don't take our word for it. Read the results below from polls taken live during our trial week and during our sessions with our full members. Then join our trade call service or join us during a trial week and see why the feedback we receive is so positive.

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If you have a financial niche based website/blog/business and are interested in writing an honest review for your readers and/or constituents. The first step would be to provide you with an invitation to a 2 week trial in our Live trade call room (free access)

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