Simon’s Note


Today we live in a world of unregulated social media and on-line reviews. As a rule, we take pride in our teachings and results! Unfortunately, negative and even derogatory posts, reviews, and/or opinions can taint the truth for the average individual when such reviews are not true or even warranted.

We have found from actual testing that positive reviews are not allowed to be visible versus the negative and/or derogatory ones. This is why I personally wanted to write this note to refute was is completely false. Please keep in mind that such post and sites are driven by specific agendas rather than the facts. The Trader Institute has over 1000 traders, most of which are permanent members and an ever-growing weekly trial member base taking advantage of our new weekly trials and monthly rates.

Being a world renown trading room with permanent members having 5-10 years with us (that speaks volume when you think about it)! Our trading room consists of traders that utilize the methodology and training they have received from properly learning how to read and trade the markets. Our member community is like no other from daily teachings, support, and results, that is why our member’s accounts show significant growth. Our teachings create a very supportive community amongst our traders in such that we are not competing but rather encouraging and assisting our traders to grow and become successful traders. Have you ever heard the saying, “you become what you hang around.” Our trading community is second to none.

Our trade room, along with SLACK (a collaborative information hub where trade calls and members communicate 24/7) has made us the elite, superlative room to be associated with.

It remains absolutely central to my mission to teach our members (and our would-be members) how to become better traders on their own, rather than for us to offer them a blind “take a trade now” approach. We pride ourselves on our abilities to teach simultaneously while calling trades – something rather unique in this business. We are thus a lot more than a Trade-Calling Room, and will continue to uphold our mission of training and educating Traders in our methodologies and thought-processes.

I make live trade calls in our room while charting/watching the following instruments (NQ, YM, RTY, GC, CL, NG, ES, HG, & Euro). Teaching students patience is one of my key attributes as trades will present themselves from my Top Down Analysis (TDA) that is done prior to the markets open. Our methodology is always explained on why (or why not) we made a trade call. Many times, I call the moves but am unable to make the call cause “smart-stops” are not within reason, but some of our more experienced traders benefit from them.

We also offer a full Video Library of Training Videos, all organized by topic

Being a trade room that produces well over 1,000+ ticks (in trade calls) per month is rare to find, if at all. That is why I understand others who try to put us down rather than promote us. Have you ever heard the saying, “If you’re not the lead dog the views the same.”

We remain confident that you will find us a highly dedicated Team, passionately involved with our work, supportive and ever-willing to hold extra “office hours” for members who have the need for certain specific help, and as such are constantly expanding and improving our Services to our members … and of course, making successful calls in our Sessions and Rooms!

Do me a favor and take our 2-week trial for only $1, and if you are not impressed with my passion and trade calls then you lose nothing. But I can almost guarantee you will be impressed with our methodology and accuracy of our trade calls and our community.

We absolutely look forward to seeing you in our community and assisting you.


Simon Jousef