Hey Simon, I just wanted to let you know I made over 50 ticks today. It's all sim, but I wanted to give you an update on my progress. I am going to keep working but I did want to take the time to say thank you. Your patience and interest in helping is amazing to me. Have a nice day

Marc Abramsky

Been a fund manager myself for the past 8 Years. . . If you learn to trade and to analyze the markets the way Simon teaches, you will find yourself among the elite . . . Do NOT believe all the crap  . . . Simon is the real deal. Make no mistake about it. I cannot say enough about this team Simon has built and what he has done over the years for traders.

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Laurence M

June 2015

A big Thank you to you and the Team. I completed my TopstepTrader 50k Combine. I traded only CL on 1-3 contracts and completed it in 17 days. They then asked me to perform what they call Funded Trader Preparation which asks that you hit $1500 in a minimum of 10 days and a max of 60 days on no more than 2 contracts. I completed this in 10 days. Thanks again for all the education and discipline you teach. Laurence M

Brad Lucey

July 2015

I just wanted to let you know, after this week of trading, I have now officially paid for my membership and my Ninjatrader lifetime license. All in about eight weeks of trading LIVE. I’ll be on vacation all next week with the family in Texas but will be back at it July 6th, bright and early. Thanks for all you do and congratulations on your wedding. Brad Lucey (“Brad L”)

Lindsay C F DuGan

July 2015

Hey Simon… I took a few trades today when I got back .. seeing the rejection!.. Thank you for your patience.. I am not on top of it yet but I feel better… Lindsay C F DuGan


August 2015


I just wanted to say thanks a lot for yesterday’s training session – it was extremely helpful! After your explanations and the Q&A, something finally just clicked and I got it. I was up until 3 am last night studying volume profile (partially because there was a huge car bomb that detonated a few blocks from the embassy in Kabul at 1 am).

Anyways, it was pretty amazing to see and understand the reactions of price at the various levels today – before I would try to mirror the trades based on your calls. Today I finally understood why the trades were being called out, and was able to anticipate the levels before they were called out – extremely satisfying.

I made 30 ticks trading a single contract (trying the technique you discussed yesterday), and it was probably the most relaxing trading day I have ever had understanding where price should react and why as well as where to place smart stops behind high volume nodes.

I should be able to make it into the trading room on a much more regular basis now as at the end of the work day here, it is around 8:30 am in NY. I’ll touch base with you next week to buy the price magnet, DRLs, etc., as I would like to have the full picture of what you, Simon are seeing in the markets. Have a great birthday weekend! Best, Richard

Steven Garber


When you do have days like today just remember what you have done for hundreds of people In the chat room i said: “If it makes you feel better I took 3 trades today and all were profitable. All because of your teachings.” I have been with you for over a year now and it took me a good 4-6 months to understand 90% of the system (rejections and bang bang). This summer I have watched all the videos again and have been in the room everyday and have finally got the last 10% which is the pinpoint accuracy it takes for trade entries and stops. I see every trade now. It took me awhile to finally be able to trade on my own without the room but I think after this summer I can finally do that. Thanks again and even after being in the room for a year I still get something out of the videos. As an educator myself I always tell me students you get 10-15% of the info every time you watch a lecture. So you need to watch the same lecture 7-10 times before you really grasp all the concepts.

Zak J

May, 2016

Dear Jay, Im very thankful for you teaching us during asia session, u are a very good teacher. And u are also very good at answering all my questions that i have very fast so i can learn more. U helping us with the homeworks levels just makes it so much easier for us to trade on our own and when the live rooms are closed. and i know i said it many times before your levels are very very accurate, they basically kill the markets when u learn the methodology more and more (even with pending orders)

Merilyn Moss, April 2016

Jay Taylor has been a wonderful resource at GTR. I have enjoyed numerous sessions where he breaks down trading areas and patiently works with members and encourages them to be great traders. Jay has a wonderful sense of humor and a real talent for preparing us with market direction and key levels. I highly recommend participation in his group.

Craig H

The way Jay has broken down the explanation & shown where & why to place your homework lines, within the profile, even a blind man can see the reason for placement. It has really helped in turning my trading around. Thank You Jay for your time & patience.

Mike M

Simon, I wanted to send you a note to let you know what an excellent instructor Jay is. He supports and reinforces your methodology and presents it in a way which helps me better understand your teachings. Jay has tremendous patience and follows up with examples to ensure students understand what he is presenting. He welcomes all questions and modifies the session to accommodate students’ needs. The Asian session is slow enough with just enough students to make for a good teaching venue. Jay has significantly refined my understanding of the volume profile and how it should be traded. Please continue to have Jay run these instructional sessions. Thanks

Jakub Malchar

Hi Simon, I have just read your note in GTR performance section on the website and I would like to react on that. As a student I think the strength of your method is found in: 1) when we take a trade we know that we are not alone in the market. We know that we trade with you and many other traders 2) if you want to become trader, it is a long journey. Everything has to be done step by step and the way you call your trades in the room now just give us certainty that it is really possible to trade for a living. And this is very difficult to see for a beginners because they are not able to make profit almost everyday and face their looses. To sum up the certainty you give us is very good for building confidence that traders need to start taking their own trades. Your calls help me reduce looses from my own trades and I am still alive and able to improve my trading, not only account balance. Thank you for this method, Simon. Looking forward to the next session.

Peter A.

Simon… I`ve been trading successfully for almost 20 years including 3 years as a floor trader at the CBOT and even though I`ve only be with you for two weeks and still learning the method its already improved my trading enormously by allowing me to take less trades with smaller stops with greater confidence. Looking forward to improving more as I get better at the levels,mainly as an EOD position trader. THANK YOU for sharing this way and your teachings.