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Meet our Head Trader & Educator at The Trader Institute


Simon Jousef- “The Professor” is a Professional Trader and Trading Educator. Mr. Jousef, holds a B.Sc. in Physics

After intense research, Simon discovered a hidden phenomenon within the markets’ price action or volume. He witnessed a formula of numbers that keeps attracting the price back to them, a phenomenon he now calls trading magnets. Similar to black holes in space, the brackets pull or magnetize the price back to its origin, to the tick.

With this new found information, Simon implemented his new method and technique into his personal trading and discovered great success.

In 2010 and with the help of programmers, he developed an automated indicator called Trading Magnet, which was initially designed for futures markets such as Crude, Gold, and Indices but it works equally as well with stocks, options, and spot Forex markets.

Today he trains and teaches during live market hours in front of students, the exact same strategies and tape reading methods including the NEW Volume Profile method he used in his own personal account. Simon teaches these methods 3 days a week during his live trading room sessions at TheTraderInstitute.com