US Performance

TTI’s Performance Record

Seven Key Specifics

1. All performance figures are based on trading 3 Futures contracts or 3 lots unless otherwise specified in the figures or recaps.

2. If first targets are reached, position is reduced by 2 contracts or 2 lots unless otherwise specified in the figures r recaps.

3. All trades are posted in our communications platform - Slack - which time stamps the time when the trade was called, as well as time stamps any updates to the trade, such targets reached or stops hit.

4. The trade calls through Slack can be received on any device in *real-time, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

5. The trade calls can occur at any time, Monday through Friday during Regular Trading Hours (RTH) or during the Globe ('overnight) sessions.

6. We offer trials to the US Morning session room, which includes a trial of the Slack trade call service. Be part of our next trial. Click here.

7. You are welcome to follow Simon's trade management, or, you can use your own as many of our members do.

(here is a list of what you should expect to be called during the live sessions)

November and December recaps and performance was not updated because most of December Simon was out for holidays. And do to the lack luster movement of the markets during November and early December, most of the calls in the room were scalpish and fast and were only called out verbally. Because they were verbal and there was no time to write them down and have them time-stamped visually for members to see, we don't include them in the performance. We greatly believe in transparency and if we cannot document the trade and validate it in writing we will not use it as our performance. Thank you.

August, 2017 Trading Room was closed

(Summer Vacation)