A new accurate way of looking at the markets

Like many of you, I worked so hard for many years and still continue to do so. I didn’t learn my method from anyone - my method is my own creation. My students who took this seriously and learned, are truly seeing the markets 'naked'.

Even so, my main point today is this:

Any method that is created will need to be updated and tweaked because markets change.

Constant review and improvement pays off bigtime...

My entries today were from new points and levels. In the past few weeks I have been seeing the markets reacting to new levels, unlike last year for example. I have watched, observed, and adapted. Who benefits besides me? My students, of course, who paid me to lead the way and teach them.

See what I'm talking about and 222 ticks called:   .

How did I discover this method and converted it to a powerful trading system? I make sure I watch my recorded sessions at least once per week.

Yes, I practice what I preach:   I consistently get out of my comfort zone to improve myself and the method.

Why? Simple. Because this is my passion and my livelihood. This is how I make money. 

When I send you my weekly projections, they are not random. Projections in the room happen daily as we do our Top- Down analysis first thing each morning.

Market conditions change, volume changes, so keeping informed is the key.

Look at my CL projection from Sunday. By Monday we hit that price!

Also on YM today, we came close to it  .

So, you can buy the same old repackaged indicators and methods from the other guys, or get out of your comfort zone and make a change!

Join us!

Trade well,



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