Online Day Trading

What is day trading?

Day-trading is simply the buying and selling of any financial instrument (stock, futures, forex, CFD, ETF, Options) via online in the same day with the goal of profiting from small price differences. These small continuous price fluctuations that happened during the day are what makes day trading possible.

Day trading differ from investing or other types of trading by the fact that the trading instruments are held in traders account minutes to hours (sometimes the trades can last seconds). These very short daytrades are also called “scalps” and the trades are calling themselves “scalpers” to emphasize the very short holding time.

The day-traders' goals is to profit from the intraday moves but not risk unexpected overnight moves of the market against themselves therefore they are always closing their trades by the end on the day.

Most day-traders in this day and age trade online but from the comfort of their own home with fast internet connections and using various trading platforms. They also have to choose from a wide variety of brokers based on trade execution speed, fill, platform availability and stability, commissions and fee structure, technical support and a other criteria they may desire.

Based on what instrument is being day-traded there are other regulations that the trader has to be aware and abide.

For a new trader all this may seem overwhelming but at TTI we are offering a comprehensive package for daytraders that can take you from newbie to confident trader in a short period of time. Of course everybody is different when it comes to learning a new skill but securing a membership with TTI is an invaluable tool for a new trader.

Trading futures is a good choice for a day trader with a relatively larger account, while forex can be traded with an account as small as $50. Therefore day-trading cane be suitable for every budget!

Day-trading offers a flexible life-work balance and a path to financial freedom if done right. Its true that many people that try day-trading fail but this is mostly because they try it on their own and make all the mistakes in the book. By the time they learn from their own mistakes the account is reduced to zero and they have to quit. But it does not have to be like this!

Symon (CMT), our head trader and founder of TTI, has been trading in front of others for more than a decade and he's been mentoring generations of traders.  He's developed a method that is unique yet simple enough that can be taught to most people that can use a computer. It may sound like an ambitious proposition but you don't have to take our word for it, you can try our global trading room for free and see for yourself!

Where do I start if I want to learn how to day-trade?

Of course we recommend you take a look at our website. It may appear intimidating if you are new but rest assured that its not as hard as it seems if you join TTI. Furthermore we offer FREE trials to our global Day-Trading trial room (US morning session) and also to our Asia session that is in the afternoon.

Out experienced moderators and traders will help you choose the right instrument and even give you their opinion on the brokers that they use. We have a open chat room where you can talk to other member and ask questions. This is a great way to pick the brains of more experienced  traders and a fun and interactive learning environment.

But at TTI you not only learn about day-trading, you can also explore longer term trading (such as swing trading) or even investing. Or learn about CFDs, ETFs and Options and how these instruments are being traded.

If you are undecided you can even contact our moderators/traders and even Symon himself, the contact information is listed under the “Team” page.

The one thing to remember is that we are offering the full package and if you join with the special offer you may get the full time membership – this offer is the real deal! If you join you may never ever need to purchase another course about trading since we cover all the relevant markets.

Now dont forget to contact our sales representative and ask if the offer is still available!