Good Results, Bad Results, Does It Really Matter If You Don’t Pull The Trigger

Good Results, Bad Results, Does It Really Matter If You Don’t Pull The Trigger

Many people sign up to a trade room or for trading education after being motivated by their published results but in the end they realize they were wrong in doing so.


The published results can be true or potentially fabricated. That's not the biggest issue.

The biggest obstacle to traders' success is that they become frustrated when they can't produce the same results.

Same goes with our room. I am sure some traders joined us based on our good results, but at TTI we are making sure everyone sees the reality and learns the methodology so they can trade it on their own.

What's is the point of us making 500 ticks or pips from clear trade calls that cannot be subjective at all as you see the videos from today’s sessions if you can't make the same trades?

Why might you lose when you try to follow someone else' s trades?

  • it could be, you are not trading the same instruments.
  • it could be, you can't afford certain trades due to the tick value of the instrument(s).
  • it could be, that you didn't pay attention to the call and missed it.
  • it could be, the trade calls are down for $2000 dollars for the day and you can't handle that kind of drawdown in your account or psychologically (we've seen other rooms with that kind of drawdown)

How many times have you bought programs and education based on their published results yet you couldn't replicate the results in your own trading?

So ask yourself: are tick and pip counts that important?

Or is it more important to be in an environment with a professional trader who helps you to learn how to fish those ticks and pips for yourself