Marc A. Testimonial

Hello David and Simon:

I am writing to let you know of my experience and what I am going to do around Simon's company. I suspect David that you have searched for a long time to find what is a credible trader and system. I am a fund manager myself and I have scoured the web looking for credible sources of information and teachings. If you learn to trade and to analyze the markets the way Simon teaches you will find yourself among the elite, small, group that consistently make money in the internet trading business.

While nothing is perfect Simon approaches his trading and his preparation the way all `good` professionals do. Note the word good. A lot of people classify themselves as self-appointed professionals but Simon lives it day after day with unwavering discipline and incredible patience. My own trading has sky rocketed since I joined the group and keep in mind I was profitable before Simon. Remember you can always improve. If Simon can help people like me then he can surely help beginners struggling to find a credible trader and system.

Do NOT believe all the crap you may here on him. None of it is true. Simon and his team are about as honest and credible a group of like-minded people that you will ever meet. I mean that sincerely.

The business is so good that I have built my own education around Simon. I have been recruited in Asia for the past 2 years but Simon`s techniques are so good that they are better than my own hence the partnership. Simon is the real deal. Make no mistake about it. Trust me I know. I have screened thousands. If you wish to speak with me personally about anything I will be happy to help Simon in any way to create partnerships and to reinforce what a great person and teacher he really is. Plus he is a fellow Canadian....ha. So am I.

To say I have respect for Simon is an understatement and you are talking about a person with over fifteen years experience in the market and someone who has been managing funds for the past eight years. So when I say Simon is a true teacher trader. I mean it. I am not spouting nonsense and hype. You need to learn to execute with precision first and you need to wrap you brain around what Simon does. I experienced very quick success but then again I was already doing well. It may take some people a little longer. Once you do (and you will) you will be given a key to a very different lifestyle and skill set. I encourage you (as Simon will) to read the information and watch the video`s first. Do yourself a favor and really learn the technique first.

I cannot say enough about this team Simon has built and what he has done over the years for traders. Simon will in no uncertain terms prepare you for success. What you do after that is totally up to you.

Warm regards,

Marc Abramsky