Note From Simon

Something which one must live with nowadays in today’s unfiltered social media and online-review community. As a rule we try to ignore negative and even derogatory posts, as the tendency is for people to post a majority of negative reviews and/or opinions compared to the minority who post positive ones and even accolades.

In some instances of what we have been encountering, however, the posts themselves have been pre-screened such that positive reviews are not allowed to be visible (we tested it) while negative ones are sought, invited and even encouraged. As such, those posts and sites are driven by specific agendas rather, hence the need for this letter.

GTR has a list of ongoing members and subscribers in excess of 800 traders (over 300 heavily active), plus a number of weekly trial members who themselves have the opportunity to check us out and test what we do, for free, with our limitless Tuesday Trials.

Some of our members have been with us for over 5 to 10 years; we have members from all over the world. They trade daily with us and on their own by using the methodology and education which they have received from us – a methodology that we provide and teach daily for all our members. Their trading accounts all show significant growth, and our member-community prides itself on supporting and assisting one another. Indeed, when the teaching is consistent and beneficial, a natural and mutually supportive environment emerges: our members do not try to compete with one another; rather, they prefer to grow the group as a whole and offer insights and encouragement to one another.

This intrinsic quality reflects our already superlative and unique package of Trade Rooms for both the U.S. Morning and afternoon sessions ; a Swing Trader Skype Club with over 300 traders.

Calling live trades in each Session while watching/charting simultaneously 6 different trading instruments (ES, NQ, YM, TF, GC, and CL futures, plus a few currencies).

We not only make calls in each Session – we offer 6 hours of trading sessions daily; we always explain our methodology: why (or why not) we make a trade call – often way in advance of the actual and proper entry level.

It remains absolutely central to Simon’s mission to teach our members (and our would-be members) how to become better traders on their own, rather than for us to offer them a blind “take a trade now” approach. We pride ourselves on our abilities to teach simultaneously while calling trades – something rather unique in this business. We are thus a lot more than a Trade-Calling Room, and will continue to uphold our mission of training and educating Traders in our methodologies and thought-processes.

We offer Saturday Educational Sessions that supplement our Video Library of Training Videos (in excess of 300+ videos, all organized by topic).

Our ongoing members have expressed glowing reviews of what we offer, of their own growth and profits, and of how their knowledge and insights into the Markets have been expanded by the work of our Team. And of course, they remain dedicated to one another and to us.

We hope that as you discover various reactions online, – some striving to build a negative reputation against us for their own specific agendas – that you retain an open mind rather and check us out for yourselves directly.

We offer unlimited weekly trials and a full 100% money back guaranteed policy once a member joins (see our website for details). We also offer payment plans for our membership and strive to always work to make your experience a positive and sustainable one.

We remain confident that you will find us a highly dedicated Team, passionately involved with our work, supportive and ever-willing to hold extra “office hours” for members who have the need for certain specific help, and as such are constantly expanding and improving our Services to our members … and of course, making successful calls in our Sessions and Rooms!

We look forward to welcoming you into our Community,


Simon Jousef