Online CFD Trading

What is CDF Trading?

CFD stands for Contract for Difference. And just like any other traded instrument, it basically includes a buyer and a seller. It’s basically a contract between 2 parties (again, just like other financial instruments). As like other online transactions, the act of placing buy/sell order is done via online in CFD trading.

CFD trading almost works like Options and Futures combined. Like Futures, the seller will

pay the buyer the difference between the current value of the asset and the value of that asset during or at contract time. Of course if difference is negative, then the seller will get paid by the buyer. And they are similar to Options in that you don’t have to own the underlying financial instrument, but still take advantage of the price movements.

CFD trading started in London in the 90’s and was mostly geared towards stocks. Of course things have changed since the 90’s (a lot, haha). Now you can trade CFD’s with stocks, commodities, indices, interest rates, currencies, and individual sectors just to name a few. You can use CFD trading on CFD trading platform in most of the major global markets including, Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, UK, and the US.

How Does This Benefit Me?

The inception of CFD trading across so many instruments gives traders the option now to use The Trader Institute’s trading method and technique in a way never used before. Although The Trader Institute's (TTI’s) method is accurate, the knowledge and knowing of the market’s direction is extremely accurate.

Check out this 360 point move called out in the live trade room on July 7, 2016. Oil CFD!

TTI always uses small stops and we occasionally get stopped out, but when forecasting the directional move, we are spot on! . . . Welcome CFD’s. With CFD trading we are able to capture the big moves and not have to worry about getting stopped out to the tick. Although TTI still day trades and swing trades futures, forex, and options, the addition of CFD’s has opened up a world of trading opportunities.

CFD Trading Education and Training

TTI is one of the best trading institute provide CFD trading education and training to train you for successful CFD trading. Join our CFD trading education and training programs and know the secret of a successful CFD trading. Sent a mail to us at sales@thetraderinstitute.com to get more information about our Free trading education programs.