Projections 2_26_2017

• NOTE - All calls are made in the live trade room with clear entries, stops, and targets.

• I announce them verbally and I make sure I draw lines on the charts OR take them on my chart trader.

Here are examples

My main focus is to teach accuracy in trading.

Weekly Projections

for the week starting:

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Just a reminder

Please keep in mind that these projections are just that: Projections. They are not trade calls to take. Remember that the entire method here at TTI is based around the A.C.E. method. Anticipate, Confirm, Execute. Think of the projections as an advanced and early Anticipation. The levels are extremely accurate and powerful, but you still need to Confirm the trade when it gets to that level before you execute the trade. The projections are a very powerful guideline for the upcoming week and future movements. Thank you.

Please note : This is a very small part of our service,

For members and during the live trading hours,We do our analysis daily and trade more instruments like Grains, Softs, Metals, Forex Pairs, CFDs.

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CL April (Crude Oil) and US-Oil

I was expecting a move up on CL earlier in the month, which did happen, but then retraced down. Now I see the current price ( Friday’s close ) to be a major do or die area. I will be looking for a safe long entry after Sunday’s open.

ES (Mini S&P) and SPX

I see attraction towards 2336, but getting a follow through on short trades has been the issue with all indices.

YM (Mini- Dow) and US-30

I will have to wait for YM to break below 20568 for some bearish momentum. Until then I will be extremely cautious

NQ (Mini NAZDAQ) and NAZ 100

Friday’s high, 5344, might be the high of this week. It closed at a crucial area.

TF (Mini Russell)

Attraction below at 1386, with a chance to reverse at market open this week from the 1404 area. I am extremely cautious.

NG - Natural Gas (March)

Looks bullish this week but no trades until I confirm.

GC - Gold (April)

From last week’s notes:I see Gold touching 1252 this week – possible long from 1234-1236 at market open.

We are currently holding a long from 1253.30. Looking for the 1262 area, but we are in a fragile volume area which means locking in profits is important.

Please keep in mind that We ONLY trade from confirmed levels with the smallest risk possible.

Knowing the final target is not enough to get into a trade

We do our analysis daily, since the volume is dynamic, things can change in the short term. We use this in our room for trading the direction of the market.

Since the volume is dynamic, things can change in the short term. We use this in our room for trading the direction of the market. We do a lot more than this during the live trading session, I look at over 20 instruments in order to capture the best movers of the day.

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