TTI Indicator Suite

TTI Indicator Suite

Price Magnet

The Price Magnet is a proprietary indicator by The Trader Institute. If used properly it's an extremely powerful indicator. It's also a leading indicator. Unlike most indicators on the market (pretty much 100% of them) which consist of lagging indicators, the Price Magnet is actually a NON-Lagging indicator. It basically takes a complex algo rhythm based on the Tape and finds certain prices in the market that have to be hit at some point in the future. These price magnet lines are auto drawn and tracked on multiple time frames. And when you see them coincide at the same price . . Watch out. They are great for targets. Price is always attracted to these levels and thus the name Price MAGNET!


DRL - Dynamic Resistance Lines

The DRL (Dynamic Resistance Lines) indicator took almost 2 years in the making. It combines 6 different volume based indicators. When at least 4 of the 6 indicators are in alignment, then they will print automatically on the right side of the chart in the form of a short horizontal line along with its time frame. The DRL will actually print for the 15, 30, 45, 60, 120, 180, 240, and 1440 minute time frames and it will auto-print on any current chart. The DRL is dynamic and will change as the price changes in real time. It definitely creates powerful rejection levels.


Volume Profile

The Volume Profile is the mother of all leading indicators. And if done correctly and learned properly, you will never find a more powerful and robust indicator. Do not confuse Volume Profile with Market Profile. The two are completely different. Market Profile is a lagging and after the fact indicator where as Volume Profile is a non-lagging indicator. And if you think you know volume profile, think again. 98% of all people using Volume Profile are doing it completely wrong. It's like using a smart phone for the calculator ONLY. You're missing so much power Volume Profile is great, but our method of trading is the real Secret Sauce.


The Power When You're Patient

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