Wire Instructions

Wire instructions are below. For any other form of payment like PayPal or Credit Card, please contact sales at sales@thetraderinstitute.com

Branch Info

Royal Bank of Canada

Willow & Silvercreek

117 Silvercreek Pkwy N

Guelph, ON, N1H 3T2

Phone: (519) 767-4750

This is for USD ($) wires only

• 5-digit transit number 03032

• 7-digit account number 4001053

• Royal Bank of Canada’s Financial Institution Number “003”

• Royal Bank of Canada’s Routing/ABA number (if funds are coming from the U.S.) “021000021”

• The Royal Bank of Canada SWIFT BIC as "ROYCCAT2" if funds are coming from another international location.

Our Info:


61 Wideman Blvd.


Guelph, On N1E 0H9

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