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. . . been trading for 3 year now and I would say I am pretty advance in technical analysis . . . prior to joining Simon's group. I would always win and then lose it all again . . . I joined Simon's group the first week of October, by the end of October i made 12.7k. We are still in mid November but so far in November i have made over 10k.

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(Live trade room trials, Market Analysis and trade calls-CFDs, Futures, and FX )

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My name is Simon Jousef and I am the head trader and trading educator for TTI or The Trader Institute. I provide day trading signals, market analysis and education. I held my first public class in a classroom-style environment in 2004 but by 2010 I had to switch to online conferencing due to global demand.

I focus my education and training on the core of what moves the markets. We all know it’s about buying and selling so volume or volume pressure is key to understanding the markets.

The market makers are the ones who control the moves. And with my dynamic, math-based indicators and system you can see the moves ahead of time.

The main objective of TTI was to share my knowledge and expertise and to make a business out of it. It became my passion. It gives me great satisfaction when I see members complimenting my signals.

What Members Are Saying

“. . . His methodology and training techniques will not disappoint. . . he has perfected his entries and exists to the tick. Long time student”

“Simon's trading calls are extremely accurate and very easy to execute. Just following the trade calls in the room you will be successful.”

“Been a fund manager myself for the past 8 years.  . . If you learn to trade and to analyze the markets the way Simon teaches, you will find yourself among the elite . . . Do NOT believe all the crap  . . . Simon is the real deal.

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