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Recorded October 28, 2020

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12.7k in under 4 weeks... never done that before 

". . . been trading for 3 year now and I would say I am pretty advance in technical analysis . . . prior to joining Simon's group. I would always win and then lose it all again . . . I joined Simon's group the first week of October, by the end of October i made 12.7k. We are still in mid November but so far in November i have made over 10k.."

hoan - Member

TopstepTrader 50k Combine

" A big Thank you to you and the Team. I completed my TopstepTrader 50k Combine. I traded only CL on 1-3 contracts and completed it in 17 days. They then asked me to perform what they call Funded Trader Preparation which asks that you hit $1500 in a minimum of 10 days and a max of 60 days on no more than 2 contracts. I completed this in 10 days."

lawrence m - Member

Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

" I`ve been trading successfully for almost 20 years including 3 years as a floor trader at the CBOT and even though I`ve only be with you for two weeks and still learning the method its already improved my trading enormously by allowing me to take less trades with smaller stops with greater confidence."

peter a - CBOT Floor Trader

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Just Free Trades - You Have Nothing To Lose But Winning Trades

I have never been able to string together more than 1 winning week in the last 3 years of trading. After joining this room, I just follow the easy trades that are called and I haven't had a losing month since I joined. (6 straight months). This guys accuracy is amazing

Julie Parker - Member - School Teacher

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