Simon Jousef

I am an independent and profitable trader that uses Volume Profile with my own confirming indicators to make money from the markets. I can make a living from the markets because my methodology is solid, and I take low-risk-high-reward trades with a decent win rate.

I founded The Trader Institute with the mission to make my members profitable and self-sufficient traders. I want our company to be considered one of the best choices a trader could make for their careers.

I first trained other traders in the early 2000s, informally on a one-on-one basis. It was a joy to be a part of someone else’s growth. Over the years, I improved substantially as a trader, mainly through focusing and simplifying my methodology. 

Today, members receive all the years of my experience and development that I apply daily to the markets to make money consistently with low risk and high reward trades. They are profitable.

Volume Profile is a powerful methodology to anticipate future price movements. Viewing price alone can give you an insight into the market but adding Volume Profile turns the picture from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional. Suddenly you can see underlying drivers of the market and predict with startling accuracy what will happen next.

From Day One, I have used a process I call “ACE” which stands for Anticipate, Confirm, Execute. Volume Profile is the foundation of my trading decisions. To confirm trades before execution, I developed three mathematical studies or indicators: SAL, Power Lines, and Dynamic Reversal Lines.

It’s a systematic approach, meaning we are using the same method repeatedly to find trades. It’s teachable, and anyone can learn it. I estimate that I have had over a thousand students go through my courses. You can even speak to some of them if you want to hear a first-hand experience of our trading.

If you have read this far, speak to our team. Get started, and I hope to meet you on your journey as a trader.