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Simon Jousef

My name is Simon Jousef and I am the head trader and trading educator for TTI or The Trader Institute. I provide day trading signals, market analysis and education. I held my first public class in a classroom-style environment in 2004 but by 2010 I had to switch to online conferencing due to global demand.

I focus my education and training on the core of what moves the markets. We all know it’s about buying and selling so volume or volume pressure is key to understanding the markets.

The market makers are the ones who control the moves. And with my dynamic, math-based indicators and system you can see the moves ahead of time.

The main objective of TTI was to share my knowledge and expertise and to make a business out of it. It became my passion. It gives me great satisfaction when I see members complimenting my signals.

The education is provided through a few channels, one of which is our private members' area which contains a list of videos.

There’s also the virtual room which is an online meeting conference that can hold a large number of students. Then we have the messenger app ( Telegram ) for smartphones or computers. This is where all members exchange ideas and receive signals.

Most of my members are people who know how to trade. They know how to use trading software. I don’t teach the basics, you have to how to trade, my job is to teach you how to win.

Because my approach is focused on teaching how to win, and how to recognize the market’s next move ahead of time. And all of this based on the volume of the markets. There is nothing random!

I think I have over 1000 members that have gone through my courses. Most of them are on my email list for newsletters, etc. All members have access to the back office and members area also access to ALL 7 Telegram channels, All indicators, the live trading room, access to each other and access to me via private messaging, email or personal phone.

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