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Here at The Trader Institute (TTI) we pride ourselves in providing best trading education that you can find! We are very proud of our services and we even provide free education, both here in this section but also in the blog section of our website.

You can find below a compilation of educational videos to get you started thinking in the right direction about what trading is about. By no means this is comprehensive but some of the ideas are very critical to thinking like a trader and we were surprised to see that some long time traders were not aware of some of these key concepts.

If you are considering trading and may be brand new some of the terms may not make any senses. Do not let that discourage you from trading. Although there is a "trading language" that you need to learn it all relatively straightforward and no advanced degree is needed. Don't hesitate to contact any one of our moderators with questions. We also provide free or extremely affordable trials to allow you to see what trading is all about.

Simon's has developed a very exact way of trading, he has developed the ability to identify trades with a very minimal risk. this means that in the case of the trade not working as intended the risk is minimized. At TTI we have probably the smallest risk stops in the industry. By very precisely defining the entry locations Simon is minimizing potential losses and maximizing potential gains. The precise entries that Simon locates can save an average scalper/trader up to 50 k in commissions.

One very important topic is the Psychology of trading. It is by now well known that we as humans are not built naturally to trade. What this means is that in general people will lose money if they are trying to trade on their own since the market seems to exploit two fundamental fears of ourselves: greed and fear. The greed is kicking in when an investment or trading position starts to move in our favor. On the other side the fear reaction is usually much stronger and starts to develop as soon as the position starts to decrease in value. While this subject is too large to be covered here our moderator are always available to answer your questions regarding to trading. Another key issue regarding trading psychology is covered to a certain level in the "Adult ADD" segment. This is yet again a common problem with a lot of traders and watching this video is critical for every trader.

Simon's methodology of trading has been developed and continuously improved over more than a decade of constant back testing and educating other traders. It is based on both price and volume and because of its fundamental nature it can be applied to many markets: from futures (market indices, commodities, currencies), forex and even stocks. A few of the videos give you a general idea about this method. Again if this seems complicated in fact its not really so, the method itself has been refined to a levels where its easy to understand and apply.

During his trading career Simon has also developed some indicators of his own, you will see here a few videos talking about these indicators. Normally you have to pay extra for these indicators, however if you secure a premium comprehensive membership to TTI you will get permanent access to all educational materials and indicators.

In conclusion do learn as much as you can from these videos and come back for trials or membership. We hope you take the steps towards your financial independence by joining and learning from us today or in the near future.