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Terms of Performance Record

The Trader Institute (TTI) is first and foremost an educational trading company.

Our methodology (A.C.E.) can be used in any market. Currently, we focus specifically on teaching the Futures Market. Trading can be subjective! So although Simon calls winning trades with exact Entries, Stops, and Targets, many people still manage to take losing trades. To help combat this, our focus is not on Simon’s hypothetical results from his trade calls but on our member’s probability for what to look for and why these trades are specifically called.

Simon’s educational trading style is relaxed and selective; he focuses on the larger moves which are proven to yield better results with much less stress.

The daily hypothetical trading performance, on TTI’s Performance Log, is based on all the trade calls and trade levels that were analyzed for that day. With complete trade management from start to finish, including entries, stops, and exits.

Only trades, where ample time was given, in order to execute that trade, are counted.

Please view this performance record purely as a guideline, and not as a future prediction on what you can earn.

Simon does not claim any cash profits - each student following Simon's daily education and live "environment" trade calls, will interpret the amount of points gained or lost differently due to their own number of contracts traded and their level of understanding of Simon's method.

NOTE: As of end of 2019 we decided to stop publishing performance do to the fact that we can't keep track of the instruments and the trade calls, We have multiple calls for different traders Swing calls, Investment style trade calls, Short term trade calls and Scalps All on multiple markets including FX, Futures, CFDs, etc.

The idea is to show you how the markets work and how to trade regardless of your style and or markets you are trading

First, let me tell you that achieving 1000 ticks per month with my trade call is not an exaggeration - See this short video from a session as we achieved 2500 ticks in one contact runner. Please watch in full.

Simon held a very informative webinar on this subject:

Your Psychology vs My Accurate Trade Calls

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