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Recent Testimonials

Over 10K In 14 Days!

So a little about myself, I have been trading for 3 year now and I would say I am pretty advance in technical analysis, But prior to joining Simon's group. I would always win and then lose it all again. Right before joining the group I actually made a horrible trade that almost blue up my account for the third time. That is when I realized there is no way I would make it unless i have a mentor that help me trade correctly and get rid of my bad habits.

- The first week - This was probably the toughest week because There is alot of changes I needed to make. I had to move from Thinkorswim platform (only charting platform i ever used) to using sierra charts (which was definitely a process to getting used to) I basically grinded through all of simon's video any free time i get I would sit down watches the video and try to implement what he is teaching. I even watch most of the videos twice. After being introduced to Volume profile and understanding how to implement it, I already knew it would help me tremendously
Let me also add Daryl has been an amazing support. he helped me through any questions I had and literally any time of day. I remember texting him asking if he knows a tip to control being an impulsive trader, he immediate called me and explained what he did that helped him.
I started to join in the webinar session everyday and whenever Simon make a call i would trade it on sim and then I would do my own analysis on why Simon entered at the price he did.
-the second week - After being much more comfortable with volume profile and understanding simon's decision making, I finally trade with my real account. I implemented everything i have learned in 3 years of trading with simon's volume profile and everything just clicked.
I joined Simon's group the first week of October, by the end of October i made 12.7k. We are still in mid November but so far in november i have made over 10k. I could not exaggerate how amazing simon's group is. It is my best investment I have ever made and i am very confident it will be yours as well. not only does simon teaches you his secrets of volume profile, he also ingrain patience in you. This was my biggest problem I was very good with technical analysis but i just did not have the patience and made many bad trades to offset my goodones. With simon here helps me control and change that completely.

Small Risk

I am a new member to the trade room. My trading style is scalping, so quick in and out, always busy looking for the next trade.
The TTI trade room, and Simon’s ‘be patient’ reminder has allowed me to retrain my brain that it isn't about “being busy”, rather, being patient and waiting for the trade to come to you, small risk, take first target to lock in profit and let the runner run.
Fewer trades, bigger rewards, very low stress trading.
Robynn McCann

Daily Precision & Accuracy

Simon's swing trade calls are made daily with precision and accuracy.

The Patience and his teachings are 2nd to none.

His trade management and calmness brings everything together to make trading a very enjoyable experience daily.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Best regards


To All That Want To Know!

To All that want to know!

Simon's trading calls are extremely accurate and very easy to execute. Just following the trade calls in the room you will be successful. The more effort you put into learning Simon's methodology of trading the more comfortable you will be following Simon's recommendations. Anyone interested in learning a successful way to trade should definitely look into learning volume profile trading.

Robert Saukas

Thank You

I appreciate the fact that Simon is patient in protecting our money and his calls are very accurate.

He looks first for a reasonable stop area before entering a trade and many of his calls go along way beyond the first target so the risk/reward is excellent. I have a full time job so he makes the room at a reasonable cost so I can come in and learn from his excellent money management skills to guide us through the trade from start to finish.

My weakness has always been money management so that is the training I benefit most from Simon but you can also learn Volume Profile from him to be able to read trades yourself.

I hope to be a full member and continue learning the how to manage trades along with the mentality it takes to be a trader.

Thank you Simon


Absolutely Mind Blowing!

Absolutely Mind Blowing!

Simon should be profiled in the book "Market Wizards"

If you're serious about learning the futures market - learn from the best! "Simon"

His methodology and training techniques will not disappoint.

With years of experience in the market, Simon has perfected his entries and exists to the tick.

Long time student, believer and supporter of Simon


Stop Losses Are Small

Simon has the unique ability to consistently call reversal levels to the tick way ahead of time, which also turn out to be great movers of the day.

Due to the precision, the stop-losses tend to be small as well. If a stop-loss cannot be determined, then no trade calls, making trade management and the discipline thereof a reality. Hereby, following the trades of TTI you do not have to worry of any impulsive, risky trades, contrary to most other trading rooms.


Learn How And When To Trade

"Know your stops before entering the trades. Be Patient and wait for the set up. Wait for the Simon's call for the trade. You are in Good hands. Not only you make money with Simon, but you will also learn how to trade and when to trade".



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Complete Comprehensive Training & Mentorship.

  • Comprehensive Lessons On Volume Profile
  • Learning Smart Stops
  • Live Over The Shoulder Training
  • Full Access To Members Portal
  • Full access to all indicators in members portal.

Full Live Trade & Training Room Access

  • US AM Session Mon - Thur 9AM - 12PM EST
  • US PM Session All signals, notes, and updates given through Telegram
  • After Hours & Weekends All signals, notes, and updates given through Telegram

Complete Set of Indicators

  • Volume Profile (included)
  • Price Magnet (included)
  • Power Lines (included)
  • Dynamic Reversal Levels (included)
  • The NEW S.A.L. indicator (Sierra Charts Only) (Included)
  • Video Here

Telegram Service And Trade Management

  • 24/7 Trade Calls
  • Desktop & Mobile Delivery
  • Entry, Exit, Management


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